Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Cookie I've Ever Had

On Prince St between W Broadway and Sullivan lies Birdbath Bakery, a tiny space filled with baked goods.  I think this has been here for a little while, but just discovered it with my wife Elisa a few weeks ago and I've already been back multiple times for their chocolate chip cookies.  Large, buttery and delicious, they are worth the extra run or salad you fee like you need to eat afterword.
Check out their multiple locations: Birdbath

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On The Road Again...

This week I am being a good son and headed down to Jacksonville FL to give my parents a bit of design help for a project that has been 7 years in the making.  They bought a large fixer-upper and have yet to complete it, mostly because they need help focusing their energy.  But, that is not the topic for this post!

What I found interesting is the new design (or redesign) of the Delta terminal at La Guardia airport in NY.  I am not a fan of air travel for the most part unless I am in first class which is pretty much never.  I always feel claustrophobic in the terminals with all of the people and the luggage milling about and I can't understand why there hasn't been a better designed (ie, more European designed) airport in the US.  On this trip however, I did notice little changes in some of the eateries that I appreciated.
WorldBean had taken over for Sbucks it seems and they are doing a pretty good job.  I had a great latte and a croissant here.
This is a rendering of the new WorldBean place that they just put in...
And the actual place, complete with this very cool metal lattice work that came out of the kiosk and wrapped up to the ceiling.  I love it.  I understand that space is limited so rebuilding a terminal is probably out of the question, so I appreciate the lengths that Delta or WorldBean or whoever is responsible has gone to to make flying not so much like Satan's butthole.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Restoration Project - Child's Rocking Chair

For the Solar Decathlon project that was recently completed, the interiors team decided it would be fun to refurbish a rocking chair for the child's room.  We had the idea of taking a classic form and reworking it in a modern way, using color and materials.  The perfect little chair was found at Housing Works for $15 and it needed more than a little tlc.
The basket weaving for the seat and the back was removed leaving a fairly rickety frame, but with two 4" screws sunk into the back supports, the chair began to gain some strength.   The top was painted white, leaving only the rocker portion natural and then the seat and back were woven with bright orange surgical tubing.
The result was a great looking chair that only cost $55 for all of the materials.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York Mag - Stories from odd clients

Check out the story in this month's New York Magazine titled "Survivor Stories from Student Apprenticeships".  I can't say mine was all that terrible, but it made for a great first job story and something I will alway remember.

New York Mag Article

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vicente Wolf's Blog

In the design world where I exist, it is almost impossible to find anyone who is willing to discuss the business side of design.  It goes without saying that having business sense can set designers apart from others and in some cases it can make some less talented individuals more successful than talented ones.

This is why I found Interior Designer Vicente Wolf's design blog so great.  In it, he not only talks about design and his inspirations, but also the business side.  He highlights client budgets, dealing with vendors and much more.  It's just what someone like me needs to know and what I have not been able to find out from many people.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Company Highlight - UM Project

One of the highlights of the Solar Decathlon project that I recently concluded was the opportunity to meet a multitude of local NYC craftsmen and vendors.  Throughout the process, I was continually surprised at how different companies responded to my pleas for sponsorship.  Some were very dismissive, but for the most part, I was met with genuine interest and desire to help.

Of the companies that I worked with, none was more willing to go the extra mile than UM Project, owned by Francois Chambard.  I had noticed the Milk Stool (2nd image) at ABC Home and knew that it would look great in the house but I never thought that I would get a chance to use it.  So, out of the blue, I sent a request to Francois asking whether or not he would be interested in sponsorship and to my delight he responded affirmatively.  Never have I dealt with someone who took such pride in their work and in the end, he donated a Candy Table and a Milk Stool.

Throughout the furniture selection process I made a list of who I would like to work with in the future and who I would not.  Francois and UM Project are at the top of that list.  The work is beautiful and he could not be a better person.  Check out their site at